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Microfiber Cloth Products are a great way to make an impression on clients, recipients or just as gifts to employees. Microfiber was engineered and directed towards high-tech products that are sesitive to traditional cleaning fabrics. Microfiber is definitely the World's Best Cleaning Tool!
Camera Lenses
LCD Monitors
Plasma Screens
CD's & DVD's
Cell Phones
Automobile Finishes
Anything Delicate
Print your business logo, business message, or any image in 4 color process directly on to our Microfiber Products.
Easy to do, and a great promotional item that recipients will use!

Microfiber products are the perfect gift for an office environment, but just as welcome at home, or in the car.

Custom Printed Microfiber Promotional Products

We have several current products to choose from:
Custom Printed Microfiber Cloths
Printable Microfiber Cellphone Pouches
Stick Clean Microfiber
Printable Microfiber Eyeglass Pouches

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