We are a division of Magnalite Distributors located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are a Specialty Advertising and distribution company with over 40 years in the business.

Our microfiber products are the perfect item to help promote your business wether you are in the optics field, cell phone business, software development or medical fields... it doesn't matter. Our products are designed to be functional, interesting, and aimed towards general populous information, for what is useful, and what gets used on a consistant basis. Microfiber products are an "in-demand" item in the office, home office, or even in the garage or kitchen. Microfiber is here to stay.

Own a cell phone store? How about handing out a custom cellphone pouch to every customer that purchases a phone from you? They can use it to keep their phone clean, but also, advertise their recent purchase to friends and family.

Maybe you own an eyeglass repair shop or watch station in the mall. How about a custom Microfiber cloth that your clients can use to clean their glasses, watches, jewelry, or other valuables

Of course all of this talk about a great product always leads us to the question that anyone who doesn't know what microfiber might be is always asking...
What is microfiber?

If you have a suggestion for a product, or would like to see something similar, but not offered on this site, then please be sure to contact us.

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